Kagame Government’s Own Report Says Kigali City Is An Environmental Disaster

By David Himbara

Rwanda’s 2017 State of Environment and Outlook Report is out. The report makes a grim reading, especially the section about the Capital City.

(1) Energy: Only 5% of Kigali residents cook with electricity or gas; 95% prepare meals with solid biomass in form of firewood or charcoal.

(2) Sanitation: Only 7% use flush toilets in Kigali. About 700 households are connected to a crude sewerage system.

(3) Solid waste: Only 2% of Kigali’s solid waste is recycled. And only 400 tonnes or 20% of 2,000 tonnes of solid waste generated per day end up in a landfill.

Head of state General Paul Kagame would have you believe Kigali is a clean smart city . He should instead hang his head in shame.