Kagame Has Easily Beaten His Chinese Counterpart In Being The Most Loved By Their Respective Parliaments

By David Himbara

The two heads of state — Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Xi Jinping of China — had the most extraordinary transition from presidential term limits into life presidency. While others struggle in the process or even lose power altogether, the two made it look easy.

It was a piece of case.

This was spectacularly illustrated by how their respective parliaments voted on the removal of presidential term limits.

In China’s Parliament — known as the National People’s Congress (NPC) — the voting went as follows:

  • 2,958 voted in favor of the removal of presidential term limits;
  • 2 voted against;
  • 3 abstained;
  • 1 vote was invalid;

President Xi Jinping sailed through with an impressive margin.

I wonder what becomes of the 2 members of parliament that voted against the removal of presidential term limits and the 3 that abstained. Are they nuts or what! Where has love gone for these five folks?

In Kagame’s case, the voting in parliament went as follows:

  • 79 in lower chamber of parliament voted in favour of removing presidential term limits;
  • 0 opposed;
  • 1 invalid vote;
  • 26 members of the senate voted for the removal of presidential term limits;
  • 0 abstentions;
  • 0 invalid votes;

Kagame is very clearly the winner.

The Rwandan parliament loves Kagame more than the Chinese parliament loves Xi Jinping. The most loved man won. Evidently, there is too much love ❤️ in the Republic of Rwanda . By mere coincidence, Rwanda’s parliament is the leader in women empowerment. No less than 64 percent of the parliamentarians are women. Impressive indeed. Long live ❤️