Kagame holding a nation hostage!

The constitutional maneuver is orchestrated by a government and its leader with an iron grip on a country for almost 20 years with lack of freedom of expression and a bite of democratic values that rwandese citizens can enjoy, rather, imprisoning voices of opposition, assassinating his opponents both in intra Rwanda and outside of Rwanda, and this is a fact.

The fact that Humans rights groups accuse Kagame of increasingly repressive measures to curtail civic and political life; and that Reporters Without Borders ranks press freedom according to criteria including media independence, consistently reports Rwanda as among the most authoritarian, listing it as 161st out 180 countries surveyed in 2015 ’s World Press Index; proves that Kagame regime is too oppressive and totalitarian than any other regime in its history.

Various Rwandans in the country that I weekly communicate with, emphasize the need for emancipation from the oppressive regime and its state institutions (the judiciary, army, security, and police) saving the president’s interests rather than saving for those of the people. People fail to tell their stories to the outside world or to dare challenge the Kagame regime due to the consequences of abduction or being assassinated. In the other words, citizens in Rwanda are living in a hostile environment and I write this piece of paper on behalf of the oppressed and those exploited by the Kagame regime.

“Since the independence (in 1962) of the republic of Rwanda to this day, we are yet to witness a generation experiencing freedom and a genuine stability in the country and a leadership that aspires people of Rwanda to genuine intelligences to achieve a life beyond measure, to aspire people to reach for the stars.”

Rwanda’s greatest disappointment we have had is the self-serving military dictatorship manipulating the Constitution to cling to power, recently, is the maneuvering of the Kagame regime on changing the constitution to allow President Kagame a third term. The president ruling party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), announced that it approved an amendment to article 101 of the country´s constitution after some “3.6 million people” –about 72% of Rwandan´s electoral roll signed a petition asking the Parliament to change the constitution, which restricted Kagame running for two seven-year terms.

However, it has been evident that the population was forced to sign the petition by officials. And what is even more absurd are claims by the collected figures of the Rwandan Government claiming that only allegedly 10 people out of the population of more than 11 million peoples oppose a referendum on constitutional changes that would allow Kagame to run again in 2017. There are 11 million people in Rwanda, all with different wants, needs, history and social economic values, so Mr. president you can’t please everyone, and you can’t make everyone like. Likely, we know what you´re up to.

The Rwandan Referendum is scheduled on the 18th of this month, and after all we Rwandans already know the outcome of the illegitimate elections which are to be held on a constitutional changes to allow Kagame to run for another seven-year term in 2017 plus two more five-year terms after that, giving him the ability to stay in power until 2034.

Kagame, we can agree to disagree, but in the lens of the (youth) Banyarwanda we believe that amending the constitution of the republic of Rwanda, Rwanda democratic progress is at risk and undermines a peaceful transfer of power. And if you Sir, refuse to step aside when your presidency term ends in 2017…And argue that staying in leadership for a long time buys you a humble time to implement this economically manifesto, I guess countries like, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc. should be leading in economically matters with their economic visionary leaders who have overstayed in their overall office.

In reality, history has shown that these regimes and this includes Kagame regime, perpetuating the liberation war –based legitimacy to govern, this type of governance only is designed to reap material benefits for a few while broader society suffers.  “The rights to govern” in the liberation war-based governances, in the history of Rwanda have always played out in conflicting manners in our nation’s history.

Rather, I would urge Kagame to step down and let the people of Rwanda free from a hostile environment.  For a poor nation like Rwanda, every Rwandan Franc (RWF) cents counts , so please do not waste the taxpayer’s money on referendums, and again why hold a referendum if you are not interested in the third term?

My wishes and dreams is a future Rwanda free from an oppressive regime.

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Oliver Mizero

Student politician

Youth politician for the Conservative party of Norway