Kagame Hosting the Deported Asylum Seekers from the UK is Irreconcilable with International Refugee Law – United Nations

By David Himbara

The UK government’s latest manoeuvre to enact its new “Safety Rwanda Bill” has been rebuked by the United Nations. On January 15, 2024, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) stated that the revamped scheme and the accompanying legislation are not compatible with international laws:

“In its 2022 analysis, UNHCR noted its serious concerns that asylum-seekers transferred from the UK to Rwanda would not have access to fair and efficient procedures for the determination of refugee status, with consequent risks of refoulement. These concerns have not yet been overcome.”

The UNHCR reminds the UK government that the British Supreme Court unanimously determined that the scheme to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda was unlawful. None of the concerns of the court have been addressed, says the UNHCR, concluding that the revised UK-Rwanda Partnership Treaty

“Does not meet the required standards relating to the legality and appropriateness of the transfer of asylum seekers and is not compatible with international refugee law.”

Meanwhile, the General Paul Kagame regime is on record stating that it would not endorse or participate in the UK scheme unless it met all international obligations and laws. Stay tuned.