This Friday September 24, 2021, according to the Rwanda Presidency tweeter account, President Paul Kagame arrived in Pemba, capital of Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique, for a two-day working visit. On the first day, Paul Kagame will address his men who are in Mozambique to fight a jihadist insurgency. We can remind that Rwanda has deployed in Mozambique a contingent of more than 1000 soldiers and policemen from special units, respectively the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and the Rwanda National Police (RNP). This intervention was so controversial by the international community and especially the SADC, because the plausible diplomatic or geostrategic motives seemed blurred. Many see in this mission, the French hand, for its economic interests to protect a TotalEnergie gas site of more than 20 billion euros. Others find it an mission with a hidden agenda for Kigali to destabilize the Hutu refugee community in Mozambique, always decried by Kigali as a threat to its regime. We can say with zero risk of being wrong that Rwanda has in many ways become a French proxy in Africa. This is an open secret, especially since President Emmanuel Macron revealed it well during his visit to Kigali, when he announced that France and Rwanda are working hand in hand on three cases, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Mozambique.

Todays, many are wondering how an insurrection that was able to keep the Mozambican regular army in disarray, little trained as it may be, for 4 years, vanished into the nature with the mere announcement of the Rwandan presence. Among the plausible scenarios is that the insurgents would be the long-time infiltrated Kagame men, prepared to produce the effect, and the motive for the Rwandan presence in this region very rich in natural resources. Another motive this time, is Kagame’s plan to exterminate or silence intellectual or wealthy Hutus wherever they are and opponents of his ethnic group, the dissident Tutsis. The recent assassination of Révocat Karemangingo and the abduction of journalist Ntamuhanga Cassien are convincing examples of this macabre plan. And the world is silent!