Kagame “is a bad neighbour and we have suspended all relations with him until he comes to his senses” – Burundi

By David Himbara

Burundi has accused General Paul Kagame of being a dangerous neighbour and has taken the drastic step of shutting down the border with Rwanda. Rwanda has been harbouring the Burundian rebels since the failed coup d’etat in Burundi in 2015. Despite 44 years of engaging in wars and igniting conflicts, the Rwandan ironman shows no indication of easing up.

Credit: Brandan Reynolds, BusinessDay

Kagame, the unstoppable warrior with 44 years of battle scars, continues to fight verbally and militarily. His fighting began in the 1980–1986 Ugandan Bush War. His latest war front is Burundi which just broke its diplomatic relations and closed its border with Rwanda. Burundi accuses the Rwandan ironman of “harbouring criminals who are destabilizing Burundi.” Before Burundi did, DR Congo broke its diplomatic relations with Rwanda in 2022. That is when DR Congo ordered the Rwandan Ambassador to leave the country within 48 hours. In 2019, Kagame had closed the Rwanda-Uganda border until 2022.

Back in 2013, General Kagame infamously threatened the Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete in no uncertain terms: “I will just wait for you at the right place and I will hit you.” How and when will this end? Stay tuned.