Kagame Is A Replica Of Bashir: A Power-Hungry, Thieving, Killing Machine

A large hoard of cash was found at the home of Sudan’s ousted autocrat Omar al-Bashir to the tune of US$130 million. This, on top of power hunger that saw Bashir rule Sudan for 30 years in which he stands accused of having committed genocide. In the past week, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame’s false branding collapsed, exposing a Bashir’s replica. A World Bank report fingered Kagame and his cronies to have stashed US$190 million of foreign aid in offshore accounts. Having ruled Rwanda with an iron-fist since 1994, Kagame is only four years short of Bashir’s 30 years in power. And not only does Kagame stand accused of genocide, he continues to kill people with impunity. His latest victim is Rwanda’s genius composer and committed peace activist Kizito Mihigo who died in police custody. Only one question remains now – will Kagame’s final exit replicate Bashir’s? Stay tuned.