Kagame Is Building Another Mirage

Kagame has sold to the world that he transformed Rwanda into the Singapore of Africa. He is now embarking on transforming the entire African Union. Kagame says he is about to turn the AU into an effective self-financing institution that needs no donations from foreign powers.

If you believe this, you are the most hopeful soul on planet earth.
In any event, today in Kigali, Kagame assembled his team that will perform his mirage, including his protégée Donald Kaberuka. Kagame was given the mandate to do so when he hosted the African Union Summit in Kigali in July 2016.

So how did Kagame manage to manoeuvre himself into the builder of the African Union? What is he after? Here are the possible motivational factors driving him. Drop your views in my inbox, or propose your own explanation:

1) Kagame wants to be recognized as an African statesman despite the pending charges for possible genocide in DR Congo.
2) Kagame wants to become the African Union Chairman in 2017 in attempt to improve his reputation in the same year that he will formally grab power in Rwanda.
3) Kagame has merely found an opportunity and grabbed it. With Nigeria and South Africa that usually lead Africa now engulfed in their own economic and political crises, Kagame hijacked the Union for his own self-promotion.
4) Kagame wants to leave power in Rwanda cleanly in 2017; the African Union project will give him a lasting legacy that he so badly needs.
5) None of the above. The real issue is………

David Himbara


  1. It seems that a certain syndrome of egocentrism, totally centred on oneself, believing that one together with his sycophants is the sole right thinker of the country and even of the whole African continent!. Does he realise that apart from the Rwandan genocide or if you prefer his trade of the Tutsi Genocide that Rwanda is a small poor country, worth concentrating on the real issue, i.e. promotion of his people from poverty, diseases (malaria), youth unemployment etc., and stopping those unlawful arrests, forced disappearances and often killings of his own. It is hard to imagine what Rwanda would have been if a true Reconciliation among the people and a good economic policy would have sincerely been pursued!

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