Kagame Joked About Electricity In Africa. The Joke Is On Him

By David Himbara

Watch Kagame joking about electricity in Africa. But the joke is on him. Look at Rwanda’s electricity statistics.

  • 216 Megawatts is the current amount of electricity Rwanda.
  • 23% of 216 Megawatts (or 50 Megawatts) is lost due to old transmission infrastructure which means that available electricity in Rwanda is 166 Megawatts
  • 683,817 is the total number of on-grid electricity subscribers in Rwanda.
  • The number of off-grid customers was 142,194 in 2017.
  • The total number of on-grid and off-grid customers in Rwanda is 826,011.

In other words, Rwanda has far less than a million electricity customers.

Source: The World Bank


Kagame, wake up. Forget hotels and office blocks in Kigali. Invest in energy — that is the mother of development.

For more astonishing details on electricity in Rwanda, visit Rwanda Energy Group and RURA.