Kagame Just Earned Two New Names – He Was Baptized “the Putin of Africa” in the UK and “Hitler” in DRC

By David Himbara

“Paul Kagame is like the Putin of Africa”, said Bill Browder, a London financier and head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign. Appearing on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Browder reminded the BBC audience that Putin and Kagame are birds of the same feather. Their repression and violence extend beyond their borders via transnational terror that silences dissenters living abroad. It is therefore beyond the pale that PM Rishi Sunak is reviving his plan to send asylum seekers to to Rwanda, as Browder explains:

“The whole thing should be torn up and thrown out…If we want to stop uncontrolled migration there are other ways, but Rwanda is just completely absurd.”

Sunak is facing the toughest challenges of his premiership, not least his plan to revive the failed Rwanda scheme. The plan was ruled unlawful twice – by the European Court of Human Rights and the UK’s Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi has compared his Rwandan counterpart to Adolf Hitler. In his own words, since Kagame wants “to behave like Adolf Hitler by having expansionist aims (in the DRC), I promise he will end up like Adolf Hitler.” Stay tuned.