Kagame Latest Scandal Involves Expulsion Of Germany’s Ambassador

Ambassador Peter Woeste of Germany presents credentials to President Kagame | Kigali, 11 October 2016

By David Himbara

We have yet to recover from General Paul Kagame’s scandalous closure of the common border with Uganda. But Kagame has already moved onto another scandal, this time involving the expulsion Germany’s ambassador after hacking his correspondence. We have two versions of what happened.

According to Welt, a German newspaper, the Kagame regime expelled Germany’s ambassador to Rwanda, Peter Woeste. Welt said that Woeste filled a report to his home office characterizing Kagame a dictator. Welt further explains that Rwanda’s intelligence services intercepted the ambassador’s report, the basis on he was expelled.

The second version comes from the New Times which quotes Rwanda’s foreign affairs minister explaining the expulsion of the German ambassador as follows:

“We informed his government of the unacceptable behaviour of the ambassador, gave them evidence of this behaviour and requested them to take appropriate action. They [German government] decided to recall him before the end of his term.”

Interestingly, the Kagame government does not provide any details about the “unacceptable behaviour” the ambassador committed. Was the ambassador expelled or recalled? Whichever way, this is yet another Kagame scandal. In this case, we see a government that invades a foreign diplomat’s privacy and then expels him for stating the most obvious — namely, that Kagame is a dictator.