Kagame Living Like a King in a Banana Republic

By David Himbara

Wouldn’t it be nice to live like a king, rule the land, and have 13 million people bow at your feet?

In the 21st century, this sounds like a fantasy that even most dictators around of the world can’t attain… but the truth is, Rwanda’s strongman is doing just that.

For his extravagant 64th birthday bash, folks jetted in to celebrate the occasion in a truly Kingly style.

Shortly after, American newspapers reported that General Kagame’s eldest son Ivan Kagame has moved into a fabulous Italian hilltop villa in Los Angeles which recently sold for US$6.9 million.

Kagame seems to have forgotten the state of the economy he leads – a banana republic whose 59.5 percent of the central government’s expense comes from aid.

Stay tuned.