Kagame Minister Accuses The US Of Human Rights Abuses, And Tells An American Congresswoman To Leave Rwanda Alone

Madam Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame and Kagame Minister for East African Community, Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe.

By David Himbara

Kagame Minister for East African Community, Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe, has accused the United States of committing human rights abuses. Nduhungirehe then ordered Suzanne Marie Bonamici, a US Congresswoman, to leave Rwanda alone. According to Nduhungirehe, the situation in the U.S. is a mess, and therefore, Congresswoman Bonamici has business commenting on Rwanda. Here is how Nduhungirehe explained himself:

”Please take care of your messy elections, full of death threats to journalists, threats to shoot peaceful migrants, pipe bombs sent to political opponents, racist political ads, journalists speaking at political rallies, and leave us alone. We are fine.”

So what did Congresswoman Bonamici say that upset the Kagame Minister?

Bonamici dared to speak about Diane Rwigara. As Bonamici explained, Diane Rwigara ”is facing jail for speaking up and challenging the government.”

The Kagame Minister evidently can’t stand the truth. No wonder he is a Kagame minister — birds of the same feathers fly together.