Kagame, Nyiramongi’s Imbuto Foundation, And Power Execution In Rwanda

Mrs Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi (top left), Urujeni Feza Bakuramutsa (middle), Ines Mpambara (right) and General Paul Kagame (bottom).

Urujeni Feza Bakuramutsa is the new director of cabinet in General Paul Kagame’s presidency. Bakuramutsa replaces Ines Mpambara who was the longest-serving director of cabinet for 11 years. Mpambara was effectively the second in-command in running Rwanda. She literally ran Rwanda for Kagame who was rarely in the country until Coronavirus grounded him. Mpambara famously gave the late Kizito Mihigo an ugly choice: either tow the Kagame line or die. Mihigo died in police custody. Enter Urujeni Feza Bakuramutsa. Mpambara and Bakuramutsa share one major feature -both graduated from the Imbuto Foundation, Mrs Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi’s power centre. The grooming by Nyiramongi is now a prerequisite for ascending to the second most powerful position in Kagame’s Rwanda — director of cabinet.