Kagame On His Knees Begging For Talks On Border Standoff — Monitor

The Monitor Newspaper in Uganda is reporting in its print version that General Paul Kagame has called for talks on border standoff. This development is not surprising. After shutting the border to supposedly punish Uganda, Kagame soon realized he scored an own goal. Kagame was already on his knees on March 26, 2019, when he suddenly called Ugandan leaders ”a family” that should cooperate and address common problems. As he stated:

”It must come to a point where the family must sit and realistically resolve this issue. Continuing to talk about our problems, we come to a point where the best thing is to cooperate and accept each other.”

The Ugandan leaders ignored Kagame. Apparently, he is now on his knees. Stay tuned. This is a developing story we are following.