Kagame Played the Tutsi for Fools

By David Himbara

The life and times of King Paul

General Paul Kagame’s speech at the wedding of Fred Rwigema’s daughter, Teta, recalled how Kagame played the Tutsi for fools.

Tutsi sent their children to the battle against General Juvenal dictatorship – many of the fighters perishing mysteriously, including Rwigema and the entire military leadership. Tutsi sacrificed all, selling anything they possessed to support the war.

Kagame was laughing at Tutsi for foolishly believing that “my dictator is better than yours.” As the war was raging, he was busy producing four children, including Ivan born in 1990 and Ange, 1993.

By 1995, Kagame had grabbed a 43-hectare farm on the shores of Lake Muhazi, in a country with a population density of 440 inhabitants per Km2. He developed a taste for expensive aircraft – he jets in a US$65 million Gulfstream. Perhaps the worst was the stealing of foreign aid.

The World Bank revealed that Rwanda siphoned off US$190 million foreign aid into offshore accounts in 1990-2010. Of this 20-year period, Kagame was in total control of the Rwandan state for 16 years.

Kagame is still laughing all the way to the bank. The falsehood that “my dictator is better than yours” paid off.

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