Kagame Regime Is Welcoming International Tourists While Enforcing a Total Lockdown on Rwandans

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s regime has gone mad. It has introduced an apartheid system favouring international tourists at the expense of the people of Rwanda. Foreign tourists are allowed to travel freely across Rwanda while the people of Rwanda are locked up inside their houses. For international tourists, the government is welcoming them with open arms in the following terms:

“International tourists traveling into the country are very welcome and will be fully facilitated with movement clearances to ensure a very smooth experience while respecting COVID-19 guidelines. This includes hotels, tour operators and transport services assisting visitors.”

But for Rwandans, the government says: “Domestic tourists are advised to schedule visits and activities after the lockdown.” To Rwandans, the government further states that “movements and visits outside the home are not permitted except for essential services such as healthcare, food shopping.” If this is not madness, I don’t know what is.