Kagame Rejected Invitation To Visit Rwanda (😂Satire)

By David Himbara

Paul Kagame was recently invited to visit Rwanda to assist the government of his successor — President Ines Mpambara. She is dealing with a crisis of extraordinary proportions. Massive landslides, flooding, and collapsed infrastructure continue to take a heavy toll on the nation. Over 200 Rwandans have died. Hundreds are homeless are in urgent and dire need of shelter. Roads connecting Rwanda to regional and international markets lie in ruins.

Kagame rejected the invitation for three reasons

The former head of state rejected the invitation for three reasons. He said, firstly, that he was recently in Rwanda on May 8, 2018, when he gave the keynote address at Transform Africa Summit. Organizing another visit to Rwanda was not feasible. Kagame said, secondly, that he was already committed to other important engagements. For example, he had to give a keynote address in Geneva, Switzerland on May 21, 2018.

Her Excellency Ines Mpambara, President of the Republic of Rwanda, inspecting a factory in Rwanda — file photo.


Thirdly, the former president said, the new government must grow up and lead. President Ines Mpambara must take charge — as a popularly elected leader with 99.99% win, she must govern with her own teams. The people of Rwanda are fully behind her.

Kagame said, lastly, that should there be a bit of space between his international speaking engagements, he will briefly visit Rwanda one of these days.

We wish the former president all the best.😂