Kagame Rents A Crowd For His Rwanda Day In Belgium

By David Himbara

Kagame did not spare money to hold his Rwanda Day. As usual, he rented a massive crowd that he addressed in an old market building converted into a conference venue for the occasion.

The rented crowd was bused in from all over Europe. The crowd was bused in from:

• UK
• France
• Netherlands, and even
• Russia

And of course Kagame brought a sizeable crowd from Rwanda.

So what did Kagame tell the rented crowd? According to Kagame, Rwanda is on top of the world in everything:

• In women empowerment…
• In corruption free…
• Poverty eradication…
• Social economic development…

The question is – does the rented crowd believe these fantasies? And who is not aware that people are starving in Rwanda as Kagame spends a fortune to celebrate himself in Belgium?

Who will save Rwanda from this insanity?