Kagame Said Uganda Imprisoned ”Hundreds” Of Rwandans

General Paul Kagame is currently in Belgium attending European Development Days, 17–20 June, 2019.

By David Himbara

Rwanda head of state General Paul Kagame is as usual overseas attending conferences. In Brussels, Belgium, Kagame gave an interview to a German newspaper, Taz, and spoke a great deal about Uganda and made comments on DR Congo.

On his closure of the common border with Uganda and by extension, Kenya, Kagame blamed the Ugandan head of state, Yoweri Museveni. Kagame said that the Museveni government has imprisoned ”hundreds” of Rwandans. Said Kagame:

”We have Rwandese in their hundreds, actually in prison in Uganda. Uganda keeps telling all kinds of stories, they say these people are there illegally, that these are spies…The last time I met with (Ugandan president) Museveni I said these accusations have no credibility. Two hundred people were arrested, they failed to charge even one. That shows the magnitude of the problem. That resulted in fact in us telling people not to go to Uganda.”

On DR Congo, Kagame said that he is ”formalizing defence and security cooperation so that we deal with troublemakers along our border.”

We live in interesting times.