Kagame should be impeached: Rusesabagina’s arrest is a distraction

By Bella Baine Burasa

It is now strongly believed that ever before that Paul Kagame is either dead or incapacitated. He is not likely to come back to power. However, did you realize why Rusesabagina (a world hero) was subsequently arrested? I understand it is sad that it abruptly happened. Many experts and analysts stated the arrest was illegal (I also agree) and Inkotanyi failed to defend it. 

Dear compatriots, I am really with Rusesabagina’s family in this time of uncertainty. However, my point is that we should not forget the strategy of RPF Inkotanyi. They fight rebelliously. They are merciless. They never accept defeat. Now that their beloved leader is no longer in the spotlight, they want us to forget about it and all of us focus on Rusesabagina. Their tactic partially succeeded.

Paul Kagame abandoned office: Coronavirus is not to blame

We really forgot to follow up on the case of Paul Kagame, the tyrant of Rwanda. Let us remember that Paul Kagame has abandoned office of the presidency for approximately 6 months now. We heard the rumors that he was sick, hospitalized, undergoing chemotherapy, etc. However, don’t Rwandans have the right to know about the health of their president whom they allegedly elected (with 99% of all the votes)? Does it really require a top security clearance to know if your brave president is fighting for their health? Maybe we can help or decide together the way forward. 

As I told you before, the RPF Inkotanyi are not babies born yesterday. They like to create chaos. They almost succeeded by creating distraction. They knew all along about Paul Rusesabagina. However, they just wanted to arrest a hero. Obviously, neither Saudi Arabia nor any other country helped them. But why now?

RPF Inkotanyi denied all along about their boss Paul Kagame’s worsening health. They still don’t us to focus on him. Right now, they do not have a working plan to let the Rwandans and the world know that Kagame is dead or will not be able to continue leading Rwanda. They are crafting a plan, but they are afraid of the people and the international community. They did not reach an agreement on who should fill the void left by Kagame out of the four power players I shared with you in my previous article. 

We elected him to represent our interests, to lead the country. Of course, we did not elect him to travel outside Rwanda and spend most of his office workdays in his private jet abroad. We were so patient about that as he mentioned he was begging for us. But his office abandonment has taken too long time: 6 months and counting. Under the disguise of Coronavirus, Paul Kagame disappeared from the office. The country’s justice system and public welfare services literally stopped operating. 

This is a starting point to call for Paul Kagame’s impeachment. It is time for the parliament to call him for questioning (in person, not via Zoom, or any other videoconferencing platform, we had enough of the fake, doctored zoom speeches). We will sign the petition soon. This is the time to have a clear path to transition. RPF and Kagame lied to us all. Actually, he was not the only one who can lead Rwanda. I recall Rwanda has not become a kingdom again. We have more than 1000 credible and capable male and female leaders who can replace Kagame. See, we won’t be short of presidents!