Kagame Termed Ungrateful To Uganda’s Generosity To Rwandans

By David Himbara

After making a conciliatory remark that Uganda is family, General Paul Kagame most likely expected a positive reaction from Uganda.

Kagame who has been breathing fire after closing an international border suddenly changed his tune on March 26, 2019. That is when he stated that it has ”come to a point where the family must sit and realistically resolve this issue. Continuing to talk about our problems, we come to a point where the best thing is to cooperate and accept each other.”

Uganda is not buying Kagame’s U-turn. On the contrary, Uganda called Kagame ungrateful to Uganda’s years and years of generosity toward the people of Rwanda. Seated with the Ugandan Prime Minister Ruhana Rugunda, cabinet minister Hilary Onek put it in these terms:

”We have looked after them to become what they are and all of a sudden we are their enemies. We leave that to God to determine where we have gone wrong.”

Minister Onek had more words for Kagame. He asserted that some of countries that export refugees to Uganda “have become politically stable; so refugees from there should go back and settle. Some of them keep going and coming back…Of late, some people have started quarrelling with us and yet we looked after them, we gave them opportunities, education and good accommodation.”

Kagame is a major recipient of Uganda’s generosity. Over to you General Paul Kagame.