Kagame, The Boy Who Cried Wolf While Infiltrating The Ugandan State

By David Himbara

One of Aesop’s Fables is the story of a shepherd boy who continually lied to fellow villagers into thinking that a wolf was attacking his flock. When a wolf actually appeared, the boy once again called for help. But the villagers thought this was another false alarm and refused to help. The sheep were eaten by the wolf. In a modified version, the wolf ate the boy.

The tale of Boy Who Cried Wolf is a perfect description of General Paul Kagame’s behavior.

Kagame is a master of crying wolf as a means of lying, and this has paid off handsomely. For example, each time Kagame invaded DR Congo — and he did it at least five times in different guises — he cried that Rwanda was under attack. When Kagame sponsored a failed coup in Burundi, he cried that he was under attack. When he murdered Seth Sendashonga in Nairobi, Kenya, Kagame cried that he was preventing Uganda from overthrowing his regime. When he murdered Patrick Karegeya in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kagame rejoiced other exiled Rwandans would soon meet a similar end. The Boy Who Cried Wolf could not help himself. Lying became his way of life.

Kagame cried wolf with the Ugandans and no one is coming to rescue him.

Kagame closed the Rwanda-Uganda since February 27, 2019. At first, he said the border was closed due to infrastructure repair work. Then he changed the story. He said the border was closed due to Uganda’s bad politics. The Boy Who Cried Wolf is playing the victim as usual. For the past decade, Kagame infiltrated Uganda’s security services. It is no secret that Ugandan security officers have been collaborating with the Rwandan regime. That is how Rwanda kidnapped refugees from Uganda back to Rwanda. That is how Rwandan refugees were murdered in Uganda. That is why General Kale Kayihura, Ugandan police chief, was arrested and prosecuted for among other things illegal repatriation of Rwandan refugees.

For a long time, most people could not understand how and why the Ugandan authorities allowed their country to be used by the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Even the United Nations called for an investigation into the “disappearance or abduction” of three Rwandan refugees, including two ex-presidential guards, from Uganda. The case of Joel Mutabazi, who was a refugee in Uganda, is well known. Mutabazi was arrested and then kidnapped despite the fact that he was under the protection of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and lived in a safe house in Uganda since 2011. At one time, Mutabazi was even ”in the custody of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s office” according to the BBC. Evidently, Kagame had even penetrated the Office of the President in Uganda.

The Ugandans may be finally standing up to the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Stay tuned.