Kagame, The Dream Team To Worry About Is Not Himbara And Gasana. The Real Team Is Made Up Of The Brave Women You Could Not Silence.

By David Himbara

Dear General Paul Kagame, your New Times concocted a story that your Ugandan counterpart, President Yoweri Museveni, wants to remove you from power. Your newspaper further fantasizes that Museveni seeks to replace you with the ”dream team” of Himbara and Gasana.

Dear Mr. President here is my unsolicited advice. Don’t lose your sleep over Himbara and Gasana. The real dream team is comprised of brave Rwandan women who are fighting you from within. You terrorized them but they would not be silenced. You imprisoned them but they persisted in demanding freedom rights for their compatriots. I am talking about Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Diane Shima Rwigara, and Adeline Rwigara.

Bashir shows the future of Kagame

Dear General Kagame, I am reminded of what they say in South Africa about rulers who, like you, terrorize women. They say in South Africa:

”Now that you have touched the women, you have struck a rock; you have dislodged a boulder; you will be crushed”

Indeed, Dear General, when you touched Umuhoza and the Rwigaras, you struck and dislodged a boulder. You will be crushed by people power led by these braves. Look at Bashir in Sudan — that is where you are headed.