Kagame Threatens to Invade the Democratic Republic of Congo – These Are His Own Words

By David Himbara

In his speech in the Rwandan Parliament on February 8, 2022, General Paul Kagame threatened to invade the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).”

Here are parts of Kagame’s speech:

“All our eyes are on Congo. We are focussed there because of the armed groups based there that threaten us, including the ADF [that the joint DRC-Uganda armed forces are attempting to dismantle.]

We are keeping on eye on this matter. But, rest assured we will ultimately sort this out. We will use all available means including persuasion and agreement for solutions.

But when anyone crosses a red line, we don’t ask anybody for permission to intervene. We simply move in and sort the problem out. We are still at the stage of assessing the situation and weighing our options.

But if we decide that Rwanda will be impacted by these developments, we will directly intervene with or without the consent of the concerned parties…Anyone who wishes us war, we give it to him. We have professionals capable of executing it. Our doctrine is to fight war on enemy territory because of Rwanda’s small size.”

Stay tuned.