Kagame Using PR To Spread His Message Globally That He Is Winning Covid19 Battle

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame always finds ways of reinforcing his global brand and reputation even in bad times. Kagame is doing just that during the Covid19 pandemic. He is using public relations firm, APO Group, to spread his message that he is doing a great job in the battle against Covid19.

Headquartered in Switzerland, APO Group assists private and public organizations in sharpening their reputation and increasing their brand in target countries. The Group says that “no matter how big or small your PR campaign happens to be, APO Group provides strategic and effective action plans to match your brand and ensure the exposure of your events. Our reach is as extensive as it is global.”

APO is handling Rwanda’s media campaign on Covid19. The group distributes Rwandan Covid19 updates to the global media with key messages that Rwanda is effective in its battle against the disease.

The way the Rwandan General self-promotes even during a disaster is appalling, but you have to give him credit for being clever. That is how he made the world buy into his big lie that he turned Rwanda into the Singapore of Africa – clever PR. Stay tuned.