Kagame Was Cut To Size By Craig Wright

By David Himbara

Consolata M from Kigali requested that we verify for her what exactly Craig Wright said at the Transform Africa Summit. The Summit was hosted by President Kagame on May 8, 2018. Consolata M also wanted to know who Craig Wright is, in the first place.

Who is Craig Wright?


Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur aka Satoshi Nakamoto — the creator of the virtual currency, Bitcoin. As of at 21:30 on May 9, 2018, Bitcoin market capitalization was US$159.4 Billion.

So what did Craig Wright say to Kagame and his Transform Africa Summit?

Craig Wright uttered the following words to Kagame and his Transform Africa Summit:

“I have more money than your country, I don’t need your money.”

Dear Consolata, the market capitalization Rwanda’s stock exchange is US$3.5 Billion versus Bitcoin’s US$159.4 Billion. So yes. Wright has more money than Rwanda by far. Which raises the question — what was Wright doing in Rwanda? I guess to cut Kagame to size.