Kagame’s 11 Most Shocking ”Revelations” At 2019 Retreat

By David Himbara

  1. Since when did we become killers? We are not.
  2. Uganda has been destabilizing Rwanda since Seth Sendashonga as Gérard Prunier showed in his book From Genocide to Continental War.
  3. Seth Sendashonga crossed the line. He had to die. I am unapologetic about that.
  4. I confronted Museveni himself with the fact that his government has given RNC a free hand to recruit people in Uganda.
  5. Museveni lied that he did not know Rujugiro. I proved to Museveni that he knew Rujugiro.
  6. We did not close the border with Uganda.
  7. No one can bring me to my knees. Men and women of our country, you should never accept that.
  8. The only Rwandans accepted by the government of Uganda are those opposed to the Rwandan government.
  9. I have told Rwandans not to travel to Uganda.
  10. You may hear all kinds of stories. Relax. Rwanda is very fine.
  11. People say I am a vagabond traveling all the time.