Kagame’s Ambassadors Need Two Unusual Qualifications – Incompetence and Crime

By David Himbara

In normal countries, ambassadors are top-level public servants with skills for negotiating agreements to ensure that their country’s interests are well-represented abroad. Not so in Rwanda. Kagame appoints individuals he sacked for incompetence or crime.

Paul Kagame’s ambassadors have unusual qualifications. Alfred Kalisa spent several years in prison for corruption and the looting of the Bank of Commerce, Development and Industry. Former minister of education Theoneste Mutaindashyaka was accused by the Ombudsman of fraud, mismanagement of public funds, and concealing foreign bank accounts. James Musoni lost his job as infrastructure minister after Kagame, at the 15th Leadership Retreat threatened to sack government officials for poor performance and lack of accountability. Diane Gashumba lost her job as health minister because of “a series of habitual gross errors and repeated leadership failures.” Olivier Minister Nduhungirehe was sacked as State Minister for the East African Community for contradicting the official narrative of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Meet Kagame’s diplomats – Kalisa is ambassador to Egypt; Mutsindashyaka is ambassador to Congo; Musoni is ambassador to Zimbabwe; Gashumba is ambassador to Sweden; Nduhungirehe is ambassador to the Netherlands