Kagame’s Defense Attaché Nyakarundi Promised The Person He Recruited To Wipe Me Out He Would Be A Hero

General Vincent Nyakarundi

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame recently rewarded General Vincent Nyakarundi. General Nyakarundi is now the new Chief of Defense Intelligence, leading the notorious RDF Defence Intelligence Department (DID). This body was created in 2018 from the J2 Department commonly known at the time as DMI. Prior to being made Chief of Defense Intelligence, Nyakarundi was Defence Attaché at Rwanda’s High Commission in Washington, D.C, and Ottawa, Canada.

Killer networks in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto/Ottawa, Ontario

Bits and pieces of the havoc Nyakarundi caused in Canada are beginning to emerge. Different police departments in Canada have been investigating the networks Nyakarundi set up especially in the provinces of Alberta around the city of Edmonton and Ontario, mainly in Toronto and Ottawa. What we know so far is that within each network, a formal structure was created with a single purpose — silence any form of opposition to Kagame. Nyakarundi did nothing else but this kind of mission. He was so aggressive that his activities came to the notice of both Canadian and American governments. Indeed, Nyakarundi’s recall and appointment in Rwanda came at the back of the two countries’ refusal to renew his diplomatic visa as Attaché to the US and Canada.

How Nyakarundi targeted me

For the occasions Brigadier Nyakarundi met with the person whom he recruited to wipe me out, his purpose was straight forward. Nyakarundi sought to ensure that the person accepted Nyakarundi’s order ”to stop Himbara and his activities that are tarnishing the good image of Rwanda.” These were Nyakarundi’s words to the person who was to harm me:

”Nyamara kwemera gukorana natwe tugahagarika umwanzi wigihugu nka Himbara, nigikorwa cyubutwari kandi nigihugu cyawe cyazabigushimira rose.”

Translated in English:

”In fact, agreeing to work with us to stop Rwanda’s enemy such as Himbara is a brave act. Your country will greatly reward you.”

Nyakarundi added:

”Kandi kwitanga kwawe ntikuzapfa ubusa, uretse gukorera igihugu cyawe akazi kingirakamaro cyigaharika umwanzi wacyo, igihugu gishobora nokuguhemba maze wowe numuryango wawe ukazabaho neza egihe kinini.”

Translated in English

”For your courageous act of getting rid of our country’s enemy will be greatly appreciated and you and your family will greatly rewarded.”

Stay tuned, as we await for the release of the police reports that are still classified because the investigations are still ongoing.