Kagame’s Dynastic Grandiose Smells of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea

By David Himbara

General Paul Paul Kagame with daughter Ange Kagame and Kim Jong Un with daughter Kim Ju-ae

Letter from Rwanda

Murunganwa aka Himbara, President Paul Kagame is increasingly officiating government events with his daughter, Ange Kagame. The most recent occasion was during the Global Citizen events that took place in Kigali on December 6, 2023. We are keen to hear your interpretation of the First Daughter’s high visibility in official duties of our government.

Response to Letter from Rwanda

General Paul Kagame’s dynastic grandiose knows no bounds

Ange Kagame with her father at President Barack Obama’s 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit

Kagame’s dynastic grandiose initially featured his son, Ivan Kagame, until he crashed out of military training. Ange Kagame seized the opportunity to become second in line to the throne after her father. When she appeared with her father at President Barack Obama’s 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit, it was mission accomplished. She never left her father’s side ever since. She currently serves as her father’s presidential advisor on economic policies and strategies.

Kagame’s dynastic grandiose smells of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea

Kim Jong Un with daughter Kim Ju-ae and General Paul Kagame with daughter Ange Kagame

The Rwandan Ironman prays for divine intervention to establish a similar dynasty as in North Korea. In 1948, Kim Il-sung established a hereditary dynasty that was inherited by his son Kim Jong-il. Kim Il-sung’s grandson, Kim Jong-un, now rules North Korea. Of Kim Jong Un’s children, his daughter Kim Ju-ae is currently on the top of the dynastic pyramid. In the latest power display, the government issued a new postage stamp featuring Kim Ju-ae.

Meet Rwanda’s Kim Ju-ae – Ange Kagame

Rwanda’s Ironman with his presidential team receiving international guests

Meet Rwanda’s Kim Ju-ae, Ange Kagame who is joined at his father’s hip. As in the North Korean case, father and daughter are inseparable working side-by-side in the presidential office. In the North Korean case, if Kim Ku ae does not succeed her father, one of her siblings will inherit power, becoming the fourth Kim to do so. In the case of Rwanda, however, how the Kagame dynastic grandiose’s theatre of the absurd ends is anyone else’s guess. What lies ahead is best expressed by Robert McKay – “only a fool would make predictions especially about the future.” Stay tuned.