Kagame’s Foreign Minister Said Reports In A Neighboring Country Are Exaggerating Insecurity Warnings On Rwanda By Foreign Governments.

Of foreign governments’ warning about insecurity in Rwanda, General Paul Kagame’s foreign minister had the following to say:

”Friendly advice…ignore alarmist reporting from online publications from a neighbouring country on travel advisories.They are incorrect. Example, Canada. made no significant change 2 her advisory for several weeks.Caution level 2 out of 4. Same risk level as France and the UK.”

Let us see how what foreign governments are actually saying about insecurity in Rwanda:

The United States

The United States says in general that Rwanda’s ”Borders may close without notice.” About Rwanda-Burundi border, the US says: ”Relations between Burundi and Rwanda are tense. There is a risk of cross-border incursions and armed clashes.” About the Volcanoes National Park/Nyungwe Forest, the US says: ”Armed groups operate on the DRC side of Virunga park. Exercise extreme caution; the border may not be clearly marked.”


Canada says: ”There are several active armed rebel groups in eastern DRC, and the security situation can deteriorate very suddenly. The Rwanda-DRC border can be closed without notice.”

The United Kingdom

The UK says:

”Rwanda has changed its own travel advice, which advises Rwandan nationals against travel from Rwanda to Uganda…There have been reports of an increase in burglary, theft and mugging in Kigali in recent months. You should take precautions with valuables and remain vigilant. The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains unstable, and the situation in Burundi has also become volatile with increased tensions and violence related to the ongoing political crisis, including deteriorating relations with Rwanda. There’s a continuing risk that the security situation in the region could deteriorate rapidly. You should remain alert to the possibility of military incursions, stray bullets and/or artillery fire entering Rwanda if you’re near the DRC or Burundi border…On 15 December near Kitabi, on the edge of the Nyungwe Forest National Park, a military incursion killed a number of civilians. More recently, the Government of Rwanda have deployed additional military to the southwest province to enhance security.”

Dear Minister, what do you see here?