Kagame’s Human Trafficking Has Been Dealt A Blow By Israel’s Supreme Court

Deal-makers in trafficking Africans – Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rwandan strongman Kagame

By David Himbara

Under the Kagame-Netanyahu deal, Israel was about to deport some 40,000 Africans to Rwanda. Kagame would earn US$5,000 per African deported to Rwanda. If Kagame took in 40,000 Africans, he would earn US$200 million in human trafficking.

Many Israelis were shocked by this human trafficking scheme. Various groups and individuals opposed the human trafficking deal, including the following: Israeli pilots, doctors, writers, former ambassadors, American Jewish leaders, and Holocaust survivors.

These groups and individuals considered the human trafficking highly unethical — it would severely damage Israel’s self-described image as ”a light unto the nations.”

Refugees in Israel protesting against being trafficked to Rwanda

On Thursday, March 15, 2918, Israel’s supreme court suspended the Kagame-Netanyahu scheme, until March 26, 2018. The Netanyahu regime was ordered to provide more information about the trafficking scheme.

Let us wait and see what becomes of the unethical deal of trafficking Africans by Kagame — whom you may recall, is the African Union chairman.