Kagame’s Inner Circle Is Shrinking With Departure Of Musoni And Gasana

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s inner circle is shrinking. James Musoni (bottom left) who was Kagame’s right-hand man especially in money and party matters fell out of grace and dumped to Zimbabwe as ambassador.

Eugene-Richard Gasana (bottom right), who was a Kagame confidant holding a ministerial post and ambassadorship went into exile in the US. Gasana used Section 13 Immigration Act which grants residence to diplomats whose lives are threatened by their home governments.

There are two individuals left in the Kagame inner circle — his wife, Jeannette Nyiramongi, (top left) and General Jack Nziza (top right). Even the roles currently played by Nyiramongi and Nziza are far from clear.

Nyiramongi has maintained a low profile since mysteriously disappearing from the public view for over a month in 2016. Kagame terminated Nziza’s military career in 2017.