KAGAME’s intensive anti-HUTU campaign in DRC: criminal political distraction

Since some time now, Kagame’s Rwandan regime is actively recycling old tactics to create chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and prepare for its nth invasion of the country with the tacit approval of its american and european sponsors.

The ultimate aimed objective is that one day, the two Kivu provinces of Eastern Congo with their immense mineral reserves will become a separate and independent entity from the central government in Kinshasa. And that way, they would fall easily under the guardianship of Kagame on behalf of his western masters.

This would look like the picture we presently have in South Sudan, where the splitting of Sudan appears to have worsened the situation. We’ve learnt that imperialists target primarily African countries of a certain size (DRC has nine neighbouring countries) to break them up with the boomerang effect doing the rest on smaller ones. Divide and rule is here part of their masterplan.

The context

2016 is another year for US elections. Come December, DRC will definitely miss its general elections, because all the necessary requirements to hold them haven’t been initiated yet. Only a few months separate us from the supposed dates that the Congolese constitution stipulates for such occurrence of the political calendar of the country.

In 2017, Rwanda will officially hold as well its presidential elections. President Kagame has already changed the constitution in order to remain in power until 2034. And the incumbent needs a persuasive strategy to win them with a high score. How about a full scale war in the region where his small country would be perceived as an island of peace!

The mentioned different political milestones are critical to the stability of the Great Lakes region. For decades, we’ve seen that American and regional elections’ periods had generally and almost coincided with increased politically motivated crimes or external military interventions by Rwanda and Uganda, in the Congolese internal affairs.

Such interferences were directly or indirectly operated through affiliated and funded rebel groups like AFDL/ RCD-GOMA/ CNDP/ M23. Humanitarian consequences of these interventions have been extremely catastrophic in terms of civilians who lost their lives, or remained destitute or traumatised for life as a consequence.

The hatred campaign

In the making of these cyclical tragic and man-made catastrophes, how does RPF strategists’ ongoing anti-Hutu campaign in DRC fit into the picture of past tragedies created by Kigali to instill chaos and by extension remain in power in Rwanda?

By manipulating the Congolese public opinion about who is the real responsible of the ongoing massacres in Eastern Congo (lighters with pictures of many Rwandan hutu that Kigali accuses of being genocidaires have been circulating in many Congolese cities), Kagame wants the blame of his killings in places like Beni to be on any “hutu” in DRC. Just the same way he blames hutus for the Rwandan genocide he prepared the ground for, then triggered by killing Habyarimana.

He is fuelling hatred of the rest of the Congolese communities against “hutus”, and that way he can commit massive and despicable crimes that will be blamed on the latter. He successfully used similar tactics in Rwanda when he was killing tutsi communities – Abagogwe and in Bugesera -, and hutu political leaders to get them all blamed on the Habyarimana government at the time.

Certainly he must be working hard with his western strategists and sponsors to find a trigger that might ignite the entire Eastern Congo, so he can have a free hand on the massive reserves of minerals that will be needed for his new refinery for coltan to be built in Rwanda.

Plundering resources

Since October 1st 1990, plundering mainly Congolese resources and those of other countries of the Great Lakes region on behalf of his western commissioners has been the ultimate goal. And because of that pursuit, millions of Rwandans, Congolese and Burundians have died and others made dangerously to live under sub-human conditions.

For the non-informed general public, Kagame with his strategists of his Department of Military Intelligence (DMI) and western friends are always busy finding reasons that could justify his interventions in DRC. The World Economic Summit held in May in Rwanda, where Tony Blair and Howard Buffet participated, must’ve come up with the most recent strategy.

Back in 1996, it was the fabricated story of “Banyamulenge” threatened by “genocidaires,” then came the chase to the latter across the entire DRC, after it was the label of “tutsi Congolese” under the banner of M23, and we are back to the hutu “genocidaires”’ focus with the ongoing massacres of Congolese populations in the region of Beni.

The saddest part of all this is that Kagame’s criminal system doesn’t stop from doing anything including initiating criminal activities to make nationals hate hutu refugees wherever they have settled, so they can be chased from those countries.

Devilish ingenuity

Yesterday it was in Zambia. Presently it is in DRC. Next it will be in the Republic of Congo. Apparently, Kagame cannot feel politically safe, as long as there are hutus living peacefully in any part of the world. He fears their would-be-justified revenge for what he did to them since October 1990 and continues doing to their survivors inside and outside Rwanda.

Very resourceful in devilish ingenuity, Kigali is obsessed with the concept of genocide, that since 1990 it has become its trademark. Starting from recent years when Burundi disassociated itself from Rwanda in the latter’s M23 adventure, Kagame has been vocal in accusing his Burundian counterpart of committing genocide against his citizens while at the same time fuelling the fire on the ground.

He is turning all his effort again on DRC, because from what everyone can see, he hasn’t managed to get what he wanted from Burundi. The latter needs however to remain vigilant. He has to return to DRC with the most inconsequent claim but if unchecked, or not denounced, could ignite the whole region.

Sowing hatred against hutus in DRC is a criminal political distraction that Kagame and his colleague dictators Kaguta and Kabila have unleashed. Congolese people don’t gain anything positive out of it. Instead of focusing on the other serious and existential problems they face, they might end up losing a country and their lives by accepting being fed with that animosity from the real responsible of their misery for decades now.

Ambrose Nzeyimana