Kagame’s Kigali Given ”The Global Wellbeing City Award” By Its Former Mayor Kirabo😂😂😂

By David Himbara

Kagame enjoying his capital city on the car-free day.😂

General Paul Kagame’s newspapers The New Times and KT Press bombastically announced that Kigali has won the ”global Wellbeing City Award.” The New Times boasted at length as follows:

”The City of Kigali has been named Public Health Laureate for 2019 Wellbeing City Award, thanks to the cities’ bimonthly car-free day. The award was announced Thursday by NewCities, a global non-profit committed to shaping a better urban future…The prestigious Wellbeing City Award is the first international initiative to recognize and honour city governments that place wellbeing at the centre of urban planning and policymaking.”

There is one problem. The award was given by a small foundation based in downtown Montreal, Canada, by the name of NewCities. To select the recipients of the award, NewCities used a ”Jury of Experts” comprised of only three people. One of the three experts is no other than Dr. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira.

Dr. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira is of course the former mayor of Kigali City and a confidante of the Kagames. Awarding Kigali the fake medal for ”The prestigious Wellbeing City Award” should keep Kirabo in Kagame’s good books.

Instead of improving the lives of the people of Rwanda, the Kagame regime is forever hunting for fake awards. Shame on you, The New Times and KT Press, for spreading this garbage.