Kagame’s Killers Nearly Murdered me in Canada. Lawrence Muganga Saved me.

David Himbara and the Muganga family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

By David Himbara

Ugandan media has been reporting that Lawrence Muganga was arrested in connection with spying for the Rwandan regime. This is most likely a colossal blunder. Were Lawrence Muganga on Kagame’s payroll, I would most likely be a deadman. Lawrence Muganga saved me from the Rwandan regime thugs in Canada on a mission to silence me.

My relationship with Lawrence Muganga began in the early 2000s when I worked for the government of Rwanda. Then a young man, Lawrence Muganga approached me and demanded that I mentor him. Not only did I agree to do so, I was soon his chairman. Muganga worked for the World Bank-funded Human and Institutional Development Agency (HIDA), and I was its chairman. But after I realized that General Paul Kagame and his regime were rotten to the core, I fled to South Africa in January 2010, later returning to Canada when Patrick Karegeya was murdered by Rwandan agents in Johannesburg on January 1, 2014. After resettling in Canada from that year onwards, who calls me? Lawrence Muganga. It turns out that Lawrence Muganga had moved to Canada and was pursuing his PhD studies. We reconnected as buddies and I began helping him with doctoral dissertation.

Fast forward to 2019. I received a call from Lawrence Muganga who gave me shocking news. He told me that the Rwandan Defence Attaché to Canada and the US had assembled a team including him with a mission of shutting me down for my relentless criticism of the Kagame regime. Lawrence Muganga advised me that I had better build a stronger defence system because the Kigali regime was determined to silence me by any means necessary. I asked Lawrance Muganga one question: if he was serious about preventing harm coming my way from Kagame’s thugs, was he willing to report the threat to my life to police authorities? Lawrence Muganga went straight to police authorities and reported the threat to my life. Similarly, I reported the matter to police authorities. By siding with me and reporting the Rwandan government criminality to Canadian authorities, Lawrence Muganga most likely saved my life. I will forever be thankful for what he did.

Fast forward to September 2, 2021. The Ugandan media reported that Lawrence Muganga was arrested by security forces in connection with espionage for the Rwandan regime. Eye witness reports indicated that heavily armed gunmen raided the university where Lawrence Muganga works, grabbed him and threw him into detention. This is most likely a colossal blunder. Were Lawrence Muganga on Kagame’s payroll, I would most likely be a deadman. Stay tuned.