Kagame’s Killing Fields

Announcing my new book…It will soon be sold on Amazon.com. The book will also be electronically available on https://kindle.amazon.com. Release date of the book to be communicated soon.

The synopsis of the book:

Rwandan president Paul Kagame has made a career out of appearing to be a man of peace and prosperity. His leadership has been praised by President Bill Clinton and depicted as Rwanda’s saving grace.

This could not be further from the truth. Kagame may appear to be a savior, but he is a devil in disguise.

In this startling exposé, a former member of Kagame’s staff introduces you to the man behind the mask. Instead of peace, Kagame spreads violence wherever he goes. Political leaders, religious figures, businesspersons, journalists, and average citizens are all targeted under Kagame’s regime. The brutality has even spread to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Author David Himbara argues that Kagame is a dictator who doesn’t simply see violence as a means to an end but openly delights in it. Since 1994, the Rwandan and Congolese populace have lived in fear of being killed or simply “disappearing” at Kagame’s discretion.

Whenever Kagame attracts attention for his crimes, he has a convenient villain to blame it on. Himbara encourages all readers to stop buying into this lie. The only enemy is Kagame, and he must be stopped before his violence spreads even further!