Kagame’s Latest Victim Christopher Kayumba Remains in Serious Danger of Losing his Life

By David Himbara

Reports indicate that Dr Christopher Kayumba is admitted to Gasabo Hospital after his hunger strike saw his diabetic condition deteriorating to the point of endangering his life. General Paul Kagame’s police state is not allowing Kayumba’s comrades to see him.

Rwanda’s security grabbed Kayumba days after Kagame called for “costly” punishment for people involved in sexual abuses. Kayumba was then seized for allegedly committing such crimes.

In truth, the regime has been hounding Kayumba for the past several years, and even threw him into prison on trumped-up charges in 2019. The Kagame regime then moved into higher gear in targeting Kayumba when he launched the Rwandese Platform for Democracy (RPD) in March 2021.

And as we all know, forming a political movement in Rwanda is pretty much a death sentence. Kayumba is paying the price. We pray for Kayumba. Stay tuned.