Kagame’s Lies That Rwanda Is Africa’s Economic Giant Landed A Nigerian Senator Into Trouble😂

By David Himbara

A Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce, fell a victim of General Paul Kagame’s propaganda that Kagame transformed tiny Rwanda into the economic giant of Africa. Senator Ben Murray-Bruce repeated the same Kagame propaganda. According to Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, “Rwanda is becoming a small giant of Africa.”

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce continued recycling Kagame propaganda:

”Rwanda has a target of going green by the year 2030. That‘s a government with a vision and a mission. That is a government that is up to tomorrow. That is a government that will not be swallowed up by yesterday. Unfortunately, that is a government unlike what we have in Nigeria.”

Then Senator Ben Murray-Bruce propaganda fell apart with this photograph and the accompanying narrative.

California became Rwanda

According to Senator Ben Murray-Bruce,

”This picture is not from Europe or America. This is Rwanda. They have e-bikes in the street that you locate with a mobile app. You use them abs return them. They are charged by solar panels. They are saving Rwandans both time and money. ”

Soon, one Henry Okelue caught the lie and told Senator Murray-Bruce that the picture he used was not from Rwanda but from California:

”Ben Murray Bruce has refused to limit his mischief to Nigeria. He has found a way to drag Rwanda into it. Dear @BenmurrayBruce, stop embarrassing yourself. The image in that tweet of yours is actually from North America, California to be precise. Do better research.”

Kagame is unstoppable — for bad reason. Kagame lies are spreading across Africa. Many naive folks often spread the Kagame lies unwittingly. What a shame.