Kagame’s Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Sezibera, Mysteriously Vanished And Just Resurrected

By David Himbara

Sezibera resurfaced on December 18, 2019

General Paul Kagame’s foreign minister, Richard Sezibera, mysteriously vanished for much of the second half of 2019.

The regime remained tight lipped of what had befallen minister Sezibera. Not even when Kagame replaced Sezibera with Vincent Biruta as foreign minister did the regime indicate what happened to Sezibera.

Lo and behold, Sezibera just resurrected, appearing in Kigali on December 18, 2019. Evidently, Sezibera is paralyzed on one size, suggesting that he suffered a stroke.

Why the regime’s secrecy about a public servant falling ill? Be that as it may, we wish Sezibera a quick recovery.