Kagame’s Newspapers Have Gone Crazy😜

By David Himbara

Citing General Joseph Nzabamwita — Rwanda’s chief of intelligence — KT Press claimed that ”more than 90,000 people are registered daily on Rwanda-DR Congo border.

The newspaper further claims that ”Rwanda-DR Congo border records the biggest traffic is Africa.” According to the newspaper, Rwanda DR Congo border ”rivals US-Mexico.”

Rwanda-DR Congo border at Rubavu
US-Mexico border at El Paso


This is a crazy story

If 90,000 cross the Rwanda-DRC border every day of the year, that would mean that 32,850,000 people (90,000 x 365 days) a year travel between the two countries.

That would mean that the 32 Million crossing the Rwanda DR Congo border more than double Rwanda’s population of 12 Million.😂

The Rwanda/DR Congo border traffic busier than the US-Mexico Border?😂

Take for example the El Paso border crossing. In 2016, 7 million pedestrians crossed that border. Some 12 million personal cars crossed that border. More than 20 million trucks crossed that border.

Source: US Border crossing data for 2016


Newspapers in Kagame’s Rwanda practice the worst of tabloid journalism. This is a style of journalism that emphasizes sensational Kagame’s achievements. As this story shows, such newspapers will go to any lengths — including cooked statistics — to show how Rwanda rivals top economies. That’s crazy stuff.😂