Kagame’s Propaganda Newspapers Occasionally Embarrass Him Accidentally – the Case of Igihe.com and the New Times

Bridge over River Nyabarongo connecting Gakenke District and Muhanga District; Igihe.com photograph, December 26, 2021

By David Himbara

Most Rwandan newspapers seek to please one man – Rwandan strongman, General Paul Kagame. Occasionally, however, the newspapers accidentally embarrass him.

A good example is an rticle published by Igihe.com on December 26, 2021, about eleven people arrested for damaging the bridge over River Nyabarongo connecting Gakenke District and Muhanga District.

As shown by the Igihe.com photograph, the so-called bridge is a dangerous rickety wooden structure that can easily collapse and kill people.

As far back as March 06, 2017, the New Times reported that “33 bridges in Rwanda were found to be in a state of emergency and needed rapid intervention.”

The newspaper added that a bridge in Gakenke District caved in killing 34 people. That is how occasionally Kagame’s propaganda newspapers reveal that his Singapore of Africa begins and ends in the capital city of Kigali.

Stay tuned.