Kagame’s Rwanda Is Said To Be Constructing Africa’s Very Own Silicon Valley

President Paul Kagame

Hang on to your seats. Rwanda is currently featured in Face2Face Africa, the pan-African media company based in New York. According to the feature, Kagame’s Rwanda says it is constructing Africa’s very own Silicon Valley. It is further stated that Kagame’s Rwanda is already ”one of world’s fastest-growing economies and leads the African continent in technological advancement and infrastructural development.” Edouard Ngirente — Kagame’s prime minister, explains Rwanda’s Silicon Valley as follows:

“This is an innovative effort, the first of its kind on the continent. It will have Pan-African development impact both in terms of economic and human capital. For instance, Kigali Innovation City is expected to create over 50,000 jobs annually. Our aim is to build a critical mass of talent, research and innovative ideas that will transform Africa.”

The Face2Face feature on Rwanda further claims that the African Development Bank will pump US$400 million into Kagame’s Silicon Valley to “help boost the innovation ecosystem.” Rwanda will pump into the project US$$315 million. Lastly, according to the Face2Face feature, Ghana’s Silicon Valley project got embroiled in scandals and corruption — and collapsed. In Kenya, the dream of building the Konza Techno City, an IT-focused “smart” metropolis never materialized. Kagame is doing what others failed — building Africa’s own Silicon Valley.😂