Kagame’s soothsayers can’t be accessed by media says Police

KIGALI, Rwanda-Eleven people who stormed President Paul Kagame’s home in Nyarugenge-Kiyovu also apprehended by Rwanda Police on charges of staging illegal protests, now Police say they are out of bound to media.

Yesterday, 10 elderly women and one man believed to be Kigali residents were apprehended by Police when Republican guard turned down their quest to see Paul Kagame at his home in Kiyovu to tell him what they said was a prophesy.

A catholic group, called Inseparable Super Heroes of Christ and Mary, who got arrested on July 21 when they went to Kagame’s home in Kiyovu to deliver to him a prophetic message on looming catastrophic bloodbath if he (Kagame) and the country at large doesn’t change their ways.

Kigali metropolitan police spokesman, SSP Urbain Mwiseneza told Great Lakes Voice that the group is in the police custody pending investigations.

“We have them for breaching article 638 of panel code about staging illegal protest and disturbing public order,” Mwiseneza said adding that “Media can’t access them since the investigation is still going on.”

However, eye witness who saw the group said they were not protesting but singing hymns with drums in their possession.