Kagame’s Spy Chief Emmanuel Karake Karenzi: arrested in Britain at last

Is the tide effectively turning against the Rwandan president? Last year after the broadcast of Rwanda Untold Story by BBC, I anticipated in writing that the documentary had just started the re-writing of the history of the Rwandan genocide.

One of the high profile suspects of the Rwandan genocide was arrested in Britain on Saturday 20/06/15 at Heathrow as reported by BBC Newsnight. Maybe this could be a beginning of another era in the events which, for the last quarter of a century, have tragically marked the small landlocked country of East Africa, also nicknamed the country of the 1000s hills.

I hope Britain didn’t make the arrest of the suspect as a revenge measure against the cancellation by Kigali of the BBC licence to broadcast in Kinyarwanda, which happened after the public viewing of the mentioned documentary.

There is enough evidence to arrest the suspect. What has been lacking was only the political will from Britain, probably because of the special relationship that the country had developed with Rwanda under Kagame. Maybe the time for changing it has come. Time will tell.

Before the victims  of the suspect start celebrating that this time justice could be done, they have to remember the case of Rose Kabuye, another associate in crime of the Rwandan president Paul Kagame. She was arrested in Germany in 2008 but released some time later.

To read the whole story of the arrest of the high rank Rwandan military, please click on the article of Judi Rever published at Digital Journal.

Ambrose Nzeyimana