Kagame’s Troubles With South Africa Are Not Created By “This Fellow Himbara” As The General Claims. The Troubles Are Self-Inflicted.

By David Himbara

In an extraordinary press conference on December 14, 2018, General Paul Kagame attributed his troubles with South Africa to what he termed “this fellow Himbara.” The General is giving “this fellow Himbara” incredible powers the “fellow” does not have. How does a mere university teacher in Canada determine South African foreign policy towards Rwanda? Come on! Rwanda’s own actions in South Africa since 2010 determined what we are witnessing today. And worse news about Kagame’s actions is about to come out — Patrick Karegeya’s inquest that begins on January 16, 2019. Somebody remind Kagame of the old proverbial expression that “curses are like chickens — they always come home to roost.” Meaning that your offensive actions are likely at some point to rebound on you.

And as if Kagame’s troubles with South Africa are not enough, he is beating the war drums.

General Kagame should look in the mirror to see who is causing him troubles. Look at the news headlines Kagame is causing right now. From South Africa’s Independent, we read the following: “Kagame warns Rwanda’s enemies they will ‘be dealt with’.” From Zimbabwe News, we read the same. From The East African, we read the following: “Jitters in the region as Kagame fires military action warning.” Kagame is sounding war drums, and the world is noticing. And of course, the General will find a scapegoat for this.