Kigali regime led by King dictator Kagame Paul claims to be women empowering leader but proves to be the worst suppressor.

By Kayumba Rugema

This is Goleth sister in law of Maj. Alphonse Furuma exiled in USA and late Col. Patrick Karegeya who was last killed by Kagame Paul in South Africa.

_ In policy of hate of president Kagame Paul if he disagrees with one of his comrades their families and friends have to pay in had currency of death, jail, expulsion from work, failing your business, frustrating your children’s children at school and marriage!!

_ The woman as you see her with her kid was picked by criminal gangs of Kagame Paul called DMI on charges of talking to her sister the wife of late Col. Patrick Karegeya she was told not to, something any human being can’t manage including chief Rwandan tormentor Paul Kagame.

_ It’s over six months no criminal offense she committed just family which she didn’t chose to be born in.

This is the man praised by western imperialists claiming that the man has empowered women when he denies them not only talks but jails and kills them for talking.

_ She is following number of other women political activists in jail or disappeared though her she is humanists who refused to cut communication with her family members.

Dear fellow Rwandans is this why you voted Dictator King Kagame Paul or he used his powers of instituted terror to claim your votes when it was self crowning?

_ Rights are fought for and its life time struggle when we give up criminals misuse the powers we trusted them with!

Our sister is jailed, others are killed, some in exile those at home they live in fear we need to rise our voices, we give our lives freedom always costs blood and prisons!!

I call every oppressed Saul to join the struggle support opposition support armed struggle Kagame is just enemy of peace he loves blood let us give it to him and get moved by its (blood) floods!

_ It is a promise he made to leave Rwanda the way he found it!!