King Paul Travels

Reliable and credible information coming from USA, have informed our desk that, Rwanda’s landlord, dubbed the superstar King from the dark lands, is now in Boston Massachusetts. Where he arrived on the 14th – 02 – 2016, from Toronto Canada.

The king and his 3 children, Ange, Ian and Brian are living in a rented seaside mansion-villa, wasting Rwanda’s tax payer’s money from coffers of the Banana Republic.

A country which is on a verge of total economic collapse due to economic policies which are based on statistic forgeries and fiscal policies made in Nyakivale. Has been hijacked by the most selfish ruler since record begun.

While the King is having a billionaire’s life style, on the seaside rented mansion-villa. His security detail team and entourage; haven’t been spared in the spree bonanza of the King’s expensive high flying lifestyle.

His security detail team and his entourage are being lodged at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Back bay Massachusetts. On Sunday, 21 february, the modern Vasco Da Gama will be flying to Houston Texas.

We shall cantinue to monitor Rwanda’s prolific explorer!!!