Leaked Emails Link Bill Clinton To The Rwandan Ruling Party’s Conglomerate, Crystal Ventures Ltd

Here is a shock. The Rwandan ruling party’s conglomerate, Crystal Ventures Limited, has a direct link to Bill Jefferson Clinton (WJC). In the leaked emails, we see worried Clinton staffers seeking to independently vet the equity partners in a project called Mount Meru Soyco. Besides Clinton foundation equity in this project, the following partners are highlighted: Mount Meru Middle East (25%), Crystal Ventures (20%), Social Security Funds of Rwanda (20%), and Kayonza District (10%).

The leaked emails show something else -Clinton staffers are deeply worried not only about equity partnerships just noted, but also WJC’s relationship with Kagame. The following very specific reputation worries feature in a series of exchanges among Clinton staffers:

* “How is WJC’s name is being used with respect to our work in Rwanda?”

* “How is WJC’s name being used in conversations with Kagame?”

* “Would it be appropriate to ask…, given the sensitivity of WJC’s relationship with Kagame?”

* “…are we entirely informed of the work being done in Rwanda…?”

Hopefully future leaks will reveal the current relationship between Clinton, Crystal Ventures Ltd, and Kagame himself.

Here is the link to leaked emails https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/21889

David Himbara